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Work Station-Tile Based

The tile based partitions are on concepts of individual tiles rather than a complete panel. The tile partitions are possible for a minimum thickness of 62 mm. The thickness of partitions available for the tile based are 62 mm and 75 mm thickness.

The tile based system is preferred for a sturdy look and greater strength of the office furniture. However, to retain the strength but lessen the heavy appearance which may be caused by using all partitions of the same thickness, Lotus Modular Furniture has come up with designs and options which can create wonderful office furniture using the tile based workstations. We suggest that a sleeker and thinner 22 mm modular partition be used in conjunction with the heavier counterpart.

The tile based partitions do not affect the size of the workstations associated. The rectangular or L shaped workstation can be associated with the office partitions. The rectangular workstations are of length range of 1050 mm to 1350 mm and width as 500 mm to 900 mm. The L shaped workstations preferably have equal size of length and width for better aesthetics and appearance. The sizes of the workstations are therefore identified as 1200 mm, 1350 mm, 1500 mm and 1650 mm which can be made with modular office furniture.