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Work Station–Desking System

The open desk workstations are called as Desking System. These tables do not use the partition systems to enclose the working area, rather a small screen is used to just hide the computers.

The open desking systems are used to develop and maximize an open office interiors. These workstations require a little more space as compared to their counterparts of panel basedand tile based workstations. The openness is achieved by removing the partitions and the bottom gable ends.

The skeleton base of these style workstations are based of metal legs. The sizes of these office tables can be measured by the size of an individual seating which can range from a length of 900 mm to a 1350mm. The width can range from a 600mm to a maximum of 900 mm.

The screens are an important part of the designs. These can be made of various thickness and heights. These can also be adjustable to accommodate the changing needs of an organic office. The thickness can range from a 20 mm to a 75 mm. The materials to be used for the screens can be wood, glass or writing boards or soft boards. The flexibility of design and customization is available to the client.