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The storages are an integral part of any office furniture. These are essential to store the documents and files and the personal stuff of the employees in the office. Various types and sections of storages are essential to differentiate at different relevant places and organize the files and other objects.

The storages are classified as low height, medium height overhead and back storages.

The low heights storages are also known as pedestal units and are used at every individual workstation seat. The modular furniture storages can be operated in a channel drawn drawers or shutters to give more space in each section. The pedestal units can be on floor or can be driven on castors.

These are below the workstation and have different widths depending on the specific or standard requirements.

The medium heights storages are shutter operated and are used to assign files and other documents to specific sections. The various sizes of depths of the storage units range from 375 mm to 450 mm and they are generally 1200mm to 1500 mm high and are usually align with the partition of workstations to form symmetry.

Overhead storages are used at appropriate heights on the walls. These are only shutter operated. The overheads are generally used in a space constraint space or where additional storage space is required in office furniture. The overhead storages are 600 mm high and 375 mm in depth. These should always be planned rationally with sufficient space below the overhead and yet be at an approachable height.

The back end storages are used behind the executive desks in cabins and are used in conjuncture with the manager desks. These are the most designed storages and are always planned with the manager table.