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Lotus Modular Furniture has come up with a latest 20 mm series of panel based workstation system. This now enables us to manufacture office furniture of a skeleton of 45 mm or 60 mm and the arterial branches of 20 mm. This design shall reduce the space and bring lightness to the office interiors.

With the latest machines and the latest technology incorporated in our production system, these partitions are now being available to our clients. These designs can be made in any designs of the panel based workstations in conjunction with the 45 mm series.

The table tops to be used with these systems can be of 18 mm or a standard thickness of 25 mm. Both edge banded and post-formed style table tops do look good with these partitions.

We are working on a further improving our product base to be able to serve with our client as per our theme of providing the most corporate designs in a most cost effective budget.