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Conference Tables

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The conference tables and meeting tables are the discussion tables to be used in the board rooms and discussion areas of office.

These tables give a platform to sit and discuss between various team members and clients of an organization. These can be adjusted with plugs and flip boxes to accommodate the networking and power switches.

The conference tables come in various designs and shapes. These can be circular, oval, square and rectangular or U shaped. An open or a closed bottom table design can be made to suit the client requirement and adjust to the office furniture essence.

The size of a conference table or a meeting table is described from the seats it can accommodate for a discussion. These can start from a four seat meeting table to a twenty six seat conference table which can be made in modular furniture.

The various designs displayed can be customized according to the seat requirement or the room size.


confrence table-LMF-CT-101 confrence table-LMF-CT-102 confrence table-LMF-CT-103 confrence table-LMF-CT-104
LMF-CT-101 LMF-CT-102 LMF-CT-103 LMF-CT-104
confrence table-LMF-CT-105 confrence table-LMF-CT-106 confrence table-LMF-CT-107 confrence table-LMF-CT-108
LMF-CT-105 LMF-CT-106 LMF-CT-107 LMF-CT-108
confrence table-LMF-CT-109 confrence table-LMF-CT-110 confrence table-LMF-CT-111 confrence table-LMF-CT-112
LMF-CT-109 LMF-CT-110 LMF-CT-111 LMF-CT-112
confrence table-LMF-CT-113 confrence table-LMF-CT-114 confrence table-LMF-CT-115 confrence table-LMF-CT-116
LMF-CT-113 LMF-CT-114 LMF-CT-115 LMF-CT-116
confrence table-LMF-CT-117



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